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ChoiceTrade has consistently ranked high in the annual Barron's surveys as one of the best online brokers for stocks and options trading.ChoiceTrade in Barrons Best Broker Stocks and Options Trading

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Beyond our online trading platform, ChoiceTrader Direct Pro offers streaming quotes, dynamic charts, basket trading and more.

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Can't get to your computer for online stock and option trading? Use your phone or tablet to trade stocks and options at ChoiceTrade Mobile For Online Stocks and Options Trading

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Thinking about it? Test drive our online trading platform for free. You get $100,000 in virtual funds in your demo account. Not real money. Sorry.

* Our normal commission of $5 per trade on NASDAQ and Exchange-listed stocks does not apply to Bulletin Board or Pink Sheet stock orders. Commission for BB/PK stocks is $7 per trade up to 500,000 shares. For OTC orders over 500,000 shares, add 1% of the total dollar value of the order to the base commission of $7 per trade. Penny Stocks are risky securities and not suitable for all investors. Please research each company carefully before you buy its stock. 15 cents applies to trades on the online platform. 55 cents a contract for options transacted on Direct Pro. There is a list of index options, including SPX, OEX and VIX, for which ChoiceTrade charges a surcharge of $1.00 per contract in addition to the regular commission. This surcharge does not apply for options on ETFs such as QQQ or SPY.

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