ChoiceTrade received its sixth four-star rating from the Annual Broker Survey published by Barron’s magazine on March 14, 2011. Barron’s is a respected investment magazine that has conducted an online broker survey for sixteen years.

ChoiceTrade was mentioned for Trade Experience, Trade Technology and Usability having experienced year-over-year gains in each of these areas.  It was also featured as “Best for International Traders”.  By introducing it’s new version 2 of its online Web site, February 2011, ChoiceTrade set a new standard for usability -- offering a plug-in free Web site (iPad friendly) that is easy to use and fast.

The survey author, Theresa Carey, offered this synopsis:

“ChoiceTrade launched a Web-based trading site in February that requires no plug-ins (such as Java or Flash), so it can run on any device, including the iPad. The order-staging area, called WatchPlus, allows users to store trading parameters in a watch list, preview the trade, and quickly send it to the market. The software-based system, ChoiceTrade Select, is extremely fast and very powerful.”

Going forward, ChoiceTrade plans to add some innovative new features to its platform line-up.  Its goal is to offer a trading environment that will appeal to every level of trader by using smart, ergonomically-designed 

* Four out of five stars in Barron’s Annual Survey of Online Brokers based on trade executions, Trade Technology, Usability, Offerings, Research, Portfolio Research, Help/Access & Cost. Barron’s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones and Company.

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