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Buy and sell your favorite stocks

Why Trade Stocks?

Stocks are a great way to get started - they provide both flexibility and diversification. Buying and selling stocks can be for the short-term, or you can hold your positions for the long term. Our online tools make buying, selling, and managing your portfolio easy and efficient. ChoiceTrade offers commission-free trades in all NYSE and Nasdaq stocks.

Options trading doesn’t need to be complicated

Why Trade Options?

Buying an Option gives you the right to buy or sell stocks and ETFs at a specific price within a specific date range. Options allow you to control a large number of shares of stock without putting up the capital necessary to buy those shares. You generally put up only a small percentage of the stock value. While it is more complex and riskier than stock trading, options can help you make relatively larger profits if the price of the security moves in your favor within the required time frame. Conversely, your percentage loss could also be great if the stock does not go in the direction you thought it would within the prescribed time frame. At ChoiceTrade, you may trade all levels of options (except uncovered short puts and calls).

Buy and sell your favorite ETFs

Why Trade ETFs?

If you want to invest in equity or fixed income securities and find it difficult to select sectors, identify securities, conduct research, track dividends/coupons and capital gains, then ETFs may be a good investment vehicle for you. ETFs aim to track a specified benchmark index, while providing updated pricing throughout the day. ETFs are investment funds but they trade like stocks on exchanges.